The Two Doors

The Two Doors

Two doors were open to me,
And I chose to pass through one;
As soon as the other was shut on me,
I realized what I had done!

I had bargained for invisible pits,
Appearances had lured me deep;
The grass had thorns hiding in it,
And I couldn’t even will to retreat.

Why can’t we penetrate the mist of time,
And why our steps refuse to retreat?
Why can’t we check the unlucky chime,
What is it that shackles our feet?

What deflects our judgement,
Ego, Devil or the Fate?
Why are we cheated by false promises,
Why conscience gets debased?

Which rays of light deceive us,
Which lead us to the truth?
Which hand has a healing touch,
And which touches us to pollute?

Is the evil baited by good,
Or is it itself so bold?
Does the alloy make it weak,
Or does it strengthen pure gold?

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