Genetic Puppets

Genetic Puppets

The nucleus of my primal cell is perfectly coded;
My past karmas arrayed my genes as I was conceived.
It’s neither Saturn nor the Mars that is combust;
It’s our DNA debilitated by our past misdeeds.
The inner Self, the knower of all our thoughts and actions,
Causes the wheels of Time to synchronize with each destiny.

The position of the planets, at the conception of a being,
Gives a specific shape to the karmically conditioned genes
Which keeps one’s life on a particular track.
Since the planets are incessantly in motion,
Not even twins, separated even by a moment,
Can have exactly same palms and same fate.

The Cosmic Law regulates each dot and each cell;
Neither a quark nor a star can wobble at will.
If stars above stir or deflect some system below,
That must have some cosmic purpose.
To square the stacks of the past sins,
The Self within makes the ‘jiva’ atone and suffer.

Myself is witness to the beginninglessness of the universe;
My destiny blossomed out of my own eternity.
As non-existent couldn’t originate from nowhere,
My own Self opted for a series of manifestations.
My present conception was a deluge of dreams;
What had already been carved, Time was to prompt and reveal.

With fate etched on my palms and the zodiac above,
I announced my arrival almost in the wilderness.
Time hammered my cravings with grave privations
And chiselled my frame from head to heel.
Lashes of miseries —  balance from the previous account —-
Cleansed my flesh of many many impurities.

When I correlate my fate with my thoughts and deeds,
I realize, not a single injury to life and nature
Goes unregistered at the cosmic web.
The cycle of reward and punishment does operate
And there is no escape from one’s nemesis.
Sinful inheritance begets retribution of the corresponding shade.

Even warnings of impending disaster,
Fail to wean us away from our sinful behaviour.
Is it some crazy gene that makes the body dance and shriek?
Or, is it some malefic planet that makes us bubble and burst?
How are our faculties roped in by the tiny genes?
And is the free will of any use to the genetic puppets?

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