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Dr. B. R Aneja has with great sensitivity combined the insight of the scientist and the inspiration of the poet to create a collection of poems that addresses the deep questions in life — Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? ……. I commend this small book of poems named COSMIC RHYTHM to all readers who feel it is possible to not only “know”, but to “feel” and “intuit” through science.

Tim Boyd, International President, The Theosophical Society


Brother B. R. Aneja is indeed one of such deeply sensitive, receptive and creative poets who has imbibed the essence of Theosophy and has expressed his feelings and observations in Theosophical perspective in his book COSMIC RHYTHM. His poems while piercing, penetrating, reaching and touching the deepest regions and the remotest recesses of one’s being, also unravel, in a sensitive way and in a style — so very unique and moving, the marvels, the mysteries, the great truths of Life and Nature.

S. Sundaram, General Secretary Indian Section, The Theosophical Society


COSMIC RHYTHM does not fall into the category of what we dismiss as trash. It is a treasure trove that needs to be enjoyed as well as to be preserved for the coming generations. To my mind, Dr. B.R. Aneja has created a fine niche for himself in the field of English Literature.

Lion K.M. Goyal, International Director 2002-2004


Though the COSMIC RHYTHM  seems to target the modern youth, yet I believe that this book would be of great value to the elderly also. Almost every poem conveys a message that inspires and elevates morally. …. if our Universities and colleges aim at inculcating upon their students the importance of scientific view, of moral principles, of human values, of the essentials of our ancient culture, they may consider this book along with the well – known works of other Indian authors. The Syllabus Committees would certainly find some soul-searching poems in this collection that would serve their purpose with delight.

Dr. M.K. Arora, Principal, GGDSD College, Palwal, Haryana


Dr. Aneja is known for his comprehensive view of life; for his scientific and positive approach to the problems of life and for his firm belief in the divinity of each entity. …. He firmly believes that if our DNA is debilitated, it is due to our past misdeeds and not due to any malefic star or any other outer phenomenon. I hope the poems in this collection (COSMIC RHYTHM) would inspire, entertain and enlighten the readers of all ages and all classes.

Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation, Govt. of India


I feel, most of his poems included in this book (COSMIC RHYTHM) deal with spirituality in the light of science. Many ticklish metaphysical questions have also been raised that compel us to go deep into the mystery of life. Some of his poems are very inspiring. Even titles of the poems draw attention as they convey a lot. The style is smooth and superb and the flow is fine.

Karan Singh Dalal, M.L.A. (Ex-Minister, Govt. of Haryana)


COSMIC RHYTHM is such a book as has wonderful freshness, variety and vitality. It entertains, enlightens and gives hope and courage. Most of the poems being spiritual and born of a scientific temperament, are free from sectarianism and narrow-mindedness. They provide succour and solace to all, irrespective of caste, colour and creed.

O.P. Aneja, National Officer (Retd.), United Nations


COSMIC RHYTHM is a happy blend of romanticism, realism and spirituality. Dr. Aneja in his work has raised complex metaphysical issues and resolves them with great insight and clarity. I hope the poems included in this anthology will enthrall the readers of all ages.

Prof. D. K. Chugh, Dean (Admn.) Echelon Institute of Technology, Faridabad


The thought that runs through COSMIC RHYTHM takes us to a higher level of consciousness. It gives us a special joy and helps take a part of load off our mind. I hope this endeavour of Dr. Aneja of publishing this hidden treasure will give joy to all thoughtful readers.

Dr. S. Safder Mehdi, Ex-Associate Prof., King Saud University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


All the poems from “The Dusky World” to “Blasting of the Buddha at Bamiyan” (in COSMIC RHYTHM ) are full of spiritual attributes and the poet thus becomes a path paver for the modern man. Nowhere in his composition the poet talks of any religion but everywhere he talks of man, nature and of the Infinite Being who remains present in each and every creature of this universe. I hope that this present collection of the poems will be a valuable contribution of the poet to society and for those who try to go ahead in the world of Sadhana.

H. S. Dwivedi, Former Vice Chancellor, G.G. University Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh


Cosmic Rhythm is written with a great deal of devotion and insight….. long time experience and vision are well depicted in the poems that comprise the volume.

Dr. H K Kaul, President, The Poetry Soceity (India)


Cosmic Rhythm is a wonderful book.

Dr. Karunesh Agrawal, Managing Editor,, Allahabad, India


‘COSMIC RHYTHM’ is an inimitable collection of poems by Bro. Dr. B.R. Aneja with contents most suiting to the title and a noteworthy relevance to Theosophy.

Col. B. K. Kailash, Theosophical Order of Service, Noida, India


It is well said that beyond the physical and emotional plane, eyesight belongs to the common treasury  of spiritual imagery as it bestows an individual with illuminating insights into all of reality. Mystical consciousness thus attained, enables one to read and interpret well life’s experiences which constantly challenge us to gain deeper insights into our own inner selves, human behaviour, historical processes, socio-political movements, cosmic currents and spiritual matters. In this context, my heartiest congratulations to Dr. B. R. Aneja for his towering contribution presented as Cosmic Rhythm wherein vibrations emanating and energy flowing from each poem is sufficiently capable of not only touching but also searching the divine tendencies of human soul. Right from The Dusky World to Blasting of the Buddha at Bamiyan, each poem carries a specific message of spiritual nature capable of generating a frequency in tune with the poet’s framework of mind. While experiencing the rhythm of cosmos, it seems that the journey of Dr. Aneja searching the invisible strings of soul and possibility of its union with God, has not reached its final phase yet. Let’s hope that something which seems to have been left will surely come to the surface from his powerful pen in the near future which would enrich the literary field further, unearth the spiritual treasure and introduce us to fresh glimpses and intuitive flashes into the mysteries of life.The poet has attempted well to stretch beyond the temporal existence and expects from his curious readers to do the same while searching for something more meaningful and more soulful. There seems to be a cosmic connection between the matrix of the universe and the matrix of the poet. In comprehending the vastness of the universe and appreciating the scientific/biological developments in a spiritual way, the poet has touched the deeper grid inside all of us which of course each one of us has to navigate in his/her own way, rather than skimming through existence.

The poet has successfully recognized the vibrating notes in the spacing of spheres in the universe, essentially pointing to the interconnectedness of all things vibrating at different frequencies in a cosmic harmony, which the Vedas define as Rita or Cosmic Rhythm. It is this cosmic connection which triggers the search for some greater purpose of life and such a continuous triggering action-reaction in the vision of Dr. Aneja has resulted in this excellent composition. The vast and the unending universe is a natural catalyst for such an inner search that leads one to plumb the depths of one’s being to know the divinity within. The cosmic blueprint amidst the clear sky or the high mountains maps out and charts not only our geographical and earthly oneness, but also our spiritual oneness and this has been well- planted in the collection, Cosmic Rhythm. A job done remarkably well, indeed!

Dr. M. L. Verma, Retired Associate Professor, GGDSD College, Palwal


It (Cosmic Rhythm) is a wonderful creation of an illuminated mind, a valuable book with 70 noble poems…each one is unique in it’s essence of beauty, light and truth.

B.L. Bhattacharyya 
National Director, Theosophical Order of Service,India, Presidential Rep. – Bangladesh