The City of Nine Gates

The City of Nine Gates

The Infinite Transparency,
Condensed in the egg of the cosmos,
Burst out with a bang,
And spread out atomized sparks.

The Catherine wheel set afire,
Presented billions of patterns;
In the kaleidoscopic universe,
Each spark mirrored millions.

Oh! what a fine divine spread,
Of light, love and glow it was;
Stars were dancing in the space,
Like trillions of tiny tots!

Then time played on its flute,
And five notes did chime
That fused into one another,
And evoked the city with gates nine.

But the city was dead and dark
With little light to sustain;
Nature prayed to the merciful God
To merge it into His own domain.

The Lord granted the prayer,
And haloed the city from within;
So kind was His Effulgence,
The ruler and the ruled fused into One.

Whosoever perceived diversity,
Was ordained to perpetual chain;
But he who realized Oneness in All
Was released from all pain.

The darkness of distinction,
Paves the way for transmigration;
But knowledge of non-difference
Brings about absolute liberation.

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