Why Dissect God Dissect Your Own Self

Why Dissect God Dissect Your Own Self

Tree worship is an expression of love
For all the greenery and the vegetable world;
It’s a form of thanksgiving to Nature
For sustaining all men and creatures.

Stone is idolized to break up the barrier
Between organic and inorganic stuff;
It’s a search for One Supreme Principle
That permeates through the whole universe.

Far less harmful has been pantheism
Than insane and heinous fanaticism.
Idol breakers have shed far more blood
Than the innocent idolaters.

Through worship the sins are consumed away;
Meditation is better than the ritualistic ways.
Infancy promises the health of the youth;
Pantheists do grow out of spiritual childhood.

Its easier to realize the unmanifest Reality.
By meditating upon the manifest Divinity.
From subtle comes out the gross,
And from gross the vision of the Creator evolves.
But why dissect God and sieve others’ beliefs?
Dissect your own self and sift your own creed.
Those who belittle or disparage others’ God
In fact, disparage their own Lord.

Though all believe in a Supreme Power
Yet atheists yearn for Its Effulgence;
All are born atheists, birds and babes,
But He possesses all with time and age.

The parental god is imposed on the child;
Even the slightest deviation creates strife.
Yet time has the strength and the sinews
To make old gods yield to the new.

Why a particular place or name becomes holy?
Why you worship a book or kiss the rosary?
Others kiss and worship alike their symbols,
Which may sound to you conceited or humble.

The Devil of intolerance has caused enough havoc
To the peace and prosperity of the world;
Love fellow-beings and learn to be tolerant
To appreciate others’ beliefs and others’ tenets.

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