The One Whole

The One Whole

One Intelligence works within
All atoms of the space,
And faster than any speed
From edge to edge communicates.

No matter is inert or dead,
No entity is separate;
Hardest metal is porous enough,
For Divinity to penetrate.

Is life different from energy,
And can energy be ever dead?
The apparent breach is illusion,
Death and life are forever wed.

We all flow out of one origin,
One Light but different rays,
Diversity is but optical flaw,
On one ocean lie numerous waves.

Some invisible cord binds
Each cell with the soul,
Mind and matter are one,
Science works at every pore.

Each wind serves a purpose,
Each gene relays its traits;
Gross and ethereal both receive,
Messages that flash through the space.

One singularity runs criss-cross,
All issues from the single source;
Variety is but myriad reflections,
All belongs to the One Whole!

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