When God was All Alone

When God was All Alone

When God was all alone
Within and without the infinite void,
Flooded with uncreated Light
And rhythmical Consiousness,
All couched in Om—
His own vibrant and dynamic Self—
He desired to create
A procreating perfect toy
And Nature to coordinate.
It was His pleasure;
It was His privilege.
He invoked five elements
Out of His own Self;
Mingled them in a ratio required
And coolly infused the mixture
With a portion of His own Light!
Was it a quiet expansion of his Self
Or some Big Bang?
Never mind, the device worked;
The toy that took shape
Was named man!
The Almighty placed him
On a friendly planet
So that he could flourish
And feel the ripples of His Grace.
Man looked around,
Thought and dreamed.
He thought of his joys and free will;

He tasted sin and enjoyed it.
He grew conscious of his latent powers;
Privileges and discretion too,
And decided to be his own master.
God just viewed His own radiance,
His own replica at play!
As if procreation were not enough,
Man thought of creating his own toys —
From wheel to satellite,
From computers to robots!
And lo, man, in his short spell
Has created a lot!
But being within the conscious universe,
Though doubly removed from Reality,
His toys have started thinking aloud
And are growing shirty.
They seem to be craving for unbridled freedom —
Freedom to create their own slaves!
But how long would the Lord
Permit this proxy creation?
When the cosmos is to clock off,
When the contraction, the winding up is to start —
God has yet to decide.
Till then He will be silently viewing
The evolution of His own replica, His own image!

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