The Cosmic Computer

The Cosmic Computer

Drop by drop life is dripping;
Minute by minute Time is drifting.

Not a single moment can be made to stay;
Howsoever sweet or alluring look it may.

But each moment leaves behind a mark;
On man’s mind, on infinite Cosmos.

One can feel Time and recollect;
But none can stop it, none can arrest.

Catching Time by the forelock is of no use;
Childhood has gone and so sweetness of youth.

How helpless and feeble is man;
He has no control over a single span!

Reliving memories can’t amuse Time,
The boat of life must drift down.

None can stretch breath beyond ordained hour;
All must taste Death, sweet or sour.

Even histories pale before Eternity,
Cosmos is limitless, man is pigmy.

To us trillions of years have been lost,
But the Cosmic Computer registers All!

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