Let Us Embrace the Totality

Let Us Embrace the Totality

Does the Creator contain All,
The time ahead and the past,
Or is He getting wiser with the evolution?
Is evolution just an oscillation
Of the circumference of a complete
And an already perfect circle?
Does God fulfil Himself through Man,
Or is Man just a toy in the Almighty’s hand?
Can soul ever achieve eternal peace,
Or must pass through wombs in endless series?
What is Evil, why does it seem to gain strength?
Is it relative or mere appearance?
Has God any utility of it, or is it outside God?
How can anything be beyond the Lord?
Then, how could all-good God create Evil?
Is it essential to square up the deeds?
Adam had the free will and chose to sin,
But who was Sin’s originator
In the scheme of the universe?
Who was the First Cause – Adam, Devil or God?
Suppose, if reason rules the will,
Will man be able to banish Evil?
And then where will go luck and fate?
Is man basically good and His own image?

If all are the rays of the Universal Light
Against whom do we fret and fight?
Is ignorance the cause of all strife?
Is happiness by- product of a noble life?
Is desire the cause of all suffering?
Is Evil always painful and Good, full of blessings?
The earthly distinctions are man-made;
Rays of the Sun don’t differentiate.
Let’s embrace the totality of the universe;
The dark doesn’t make the light less real.
The egg must bear its shell till it breaks;
God manifests Himself in many ways.
What is the use of a mirror without light –
Who can see God with imperfect eye?
The film over the Soul must go;
Just love and sympathy won’t do.
In the dark one can’t see even one’s own hand,
And of what use is even the worldly light?
The Sun is a small disc to the ordinary sight.
It’s not Soul that suffers or laments;
It’s merely drama of a tormented mind.
The divine Creator is coeval with the empirical!
Death in all shapes is an illusory show;
Those who realize Self do well know.
Knowledge of the Divinity and an egoless mind
Can liberate Soul and banish nescience!

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