The Holy Grail of Cosmology

The Holy Grail of Cosmology

Billions of years back, a primeval fireball,
Infinitely dense, inconceivably hot and small,
Banged with the velocity of light,
And scattered seeds of galaxies in the sky.

The Universe hiccupped long long ago,
Now through a unique device we hear the echo;
Fossilized imprint, past of the cosmos
Has been hooked recently by the COBE!

Was the explosion from some remote control,
That set the evolution in motion?
Who arranged the crucial temperatures,
In the epoch of recombination?

The millions of the Milky Ways,
Eternally spinning Catherine wheels!
When will they return to the fold?
Why from their origin they flee?

The pulsating, oscillating universe,
Forever swinging back and forth,
Isn’t some Intelligence at work
Experimenting with matter and soul?

If it’s Energy that changes its form
Then where lies the difference?
From black holes to white dwarfs
The whole cosmos pulsates with One!

What is the nationality of galaxies?
What creed the pulsars profess?
The same current vibrates in All,
Why be tethered to liberate your Self?

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