Prismatic Rays of One Light

Prismatic Rays of One Light

See that sweet child plays there
Under its mother’s loving care
As if it were my own childhood;
Child smiles when at it I look.

Now he bubbles with sudden laughter
Unaware of world’s disasters,
My childhood and I face to face,
Happy meeting, a thrilling phase.

There beside the child is sitting,
Its mother, doing some knitting,
As my fate knit that for me,
She once my love, now a mother I see.
She looks cheerfully at her child,
While I stand hidden from her sight;
Her smile is reflection of her babe’s,
I feel at her lips my past plays.

I smile in her, in her I live,
Yet she is she and I’m ‘I’ still.
But does she not live in All ?
Beauty she is and that is God.

Whom we love, with whom we play?
We different toys of same clay.
We please none, we tease none,
Various roles are played by One.

After all, we all share One Life,
We are prismatic rays of One Light;
All rivulets gush from One Lake,
We are ripples different, of One Wave.

Henceforth, I shall never grudge
That my beloved, my precious jewel,
Now lies in the chest of someone else;
For in all I live, and I love my Self.

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