Death of a Mother

Death of a Mother

A young loving mother died
While feeding in lap her child.
All the milk was spilt,
And hands of love turned stiff.

The child looked upon the sky,
It sobbed, cursed and cried.
The earth sighed and trembled,
It could not bear sobs tender.

Tyrant Death saw it and smiled
While merciful God shut His eyes.
Angels too, showed indifference,
They went on singing hymns.

Stars soon hid their face,
A youth had run its race.
Dew wept bitterly all the night,
Morning was not fair and bright.

Joys and toys lost their charm,
Child wept to make its mother warm.
Death drunk with absolute power,
Refused Mercy to enter that bower.

Only Nature grieved with the child
While Fate cruel grinned with delight.
Death bellowed over its victory grand,
As an elephant, after treading an ant.

Oh God! Pardon this blasphemy,
In your world injustices are many.
Set them right, I do pray,
Or Evil will have a field day.

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