God Did Not Play Dice

God Did Not Play Dice

God did not play dice
When He created life.
There was a method,
Subtle and superb
That controlled His empire,
Constituted of liquid fire,
Time and space, sound and rays.

It is cosmos not chaos,
Neither created from nothing
Nor to be reduced to nought.
Resting on some invisible arch,
Interlinked with viewless string,
Stars reeling and greeting,
Merrily blink and cross.

Billion trillion stars,
Millions of light years afar,
Do shape the things
On this tiny earth
That looks like a squib,
In danger of a hit
Yet safe in its orbit.

In this puzzling world,
All revolves in a circle;
Nothing is left to chance,
It is a measured dance;
There is rhythm sweet and clear,
Softly echoing in the sphere,
But inaudible to mortal ears.

Every note in this space
Is ringing at the desired place,
Throwing a charm over His art,
Making it a unique universe.
All is done to keep harmony
In this great grand symphony.
The rhythm enthrals each entity !

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