Noble Deeds on the Pages of Time

Noble Deeds on the Pages of Time

God has sent you to this earth,
To live life equal to its worth;
To scatter radiance of love and hope,
To alleviate suffering and sorrows.

Man was made in the image of God
To have hatred for none, love for all.
If man can’t love his fellow beings,
How can he love God who is unseen?

If you have chanced to pass this world,
Why should you leave it unloved?
You may not be able to come again,
Avail this chance and spiritually gain.

Suffering may look Promethean to you,
But Himalayan will can cure it too.
Flowers you may not be able to grow,
But weeds you can clear before you go.

Single-handed one can do Herculean task,
Big fire is kindled by a little spark.
Little acts of service start a chain,
Torrents are formed by drops of rain.

See, even a thorn protects the rose,
To fight the dark, glow-worm glows.
To brighten earth, moon reflects light,
The cuckoo sings to spread delight.

To transport itself to a higher plane,
A moth burns itself in the flame.
Clouds dissolve to quench the earth,
Bees gather honey not for themselves.

You too light a candle in the dark,
Be light to lighten God’s task.
There is certainly some divinity in us,
Let it wake, work and spread.

Threatening disparities in society,
Call for acts of peace and piety.
Need of the hour is revolution of love,
Else world would be heading for trouble.

Lift the fallen, encourage the weak,
Scatter smiles free of colour and creed.
The poor need bread buttered with love,
Cold charity is charity’s insult.

Break this narrow circle of self,
Be cosmic and soak up the universe.
We are integral part of the whole,
Humanity is a family and home, the globe.

Realize the magnetic thread of life,
That is woven through earth and sky.
Find the wood that lies in the tree,
Prismatic rays of One Light are we.

What brought you here except your Soul,
Empty-handed you came and thus will go.
But words of courage and deeds of love,
Vibrate ever in the memory of the world.

The stars that glitter in the sky,
Halo that surrounds the moon bright,
Are noble deeds done to mankind,
Which ever shine on the pages of time.

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