Command Your Stars

Command Your Stars

In your palm is your fate confined,
Fashion your future as willed by mind;
Command your stars change the lines,
What you want, explore and find.

You can flourish juggler’s rod,
You can beg with beggar’s staff;
You can hold scepter and sword,
In these hands lie powers vast.

You can gain laurels with hands,
You can grow flowers in sand;
You can scatter joys and thorns,
You can soothe the hearts torn.

You can grapple and struggle,
Against life’s painful troubles;
You can face sufferings of the world,
Your hands can work miracles.

You can box, bless or fondle,
You can lift the down-trodden;
With these hands you can kill,
Wipe out the tears, if you will.

You can lick the feet of others,
You can rule over the world;
You can steal even from beggars,
With same hands you can hit the robbers.

Get upper hand, deal fair hand,
Lend your hand, find helping hands;
Hand in hand continue your march,
Be the first hand to hold the torch.

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