A Hot Chase

A Hot Chase

Devil will never die,
However, every Christ
Will certainly be crucified
For being too bold, too right.

Before any change is wrought
In the devil-ruled heart,
Gandhi, Luther and the like
Are sure to be hated and shot.

The dark empire of Evil,
Exacts cruelly heavy tariff
From every ray of hope
That touches its shore.

Every angel comes with a torch,
Holding till it burns him all;
Then darkness spreads again,
Little stars twinkle in vain.

Stars appear dim and meek,
Play with the dark hide-and-seek;
They go on waiting for some moon,
And feeling tired, they vanish soon.

Night may be dense and dark,
But yield not, be stiff and hard.
See how it is running to hide its face,
The Sun is hot on the chase!

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