Man Writes His Own Fate

Man Writes His Own Fate

The defeat of evil lies within evil;
Devil traps him who abuses his free will.
The seed takes its time to grow;
Just wait to reap what you sow.

Why man raises himself to skies
On the borrowed legs of vain pride?
Why his ego he plumes and preens,
Why he views his crimes through a screen?

Yet what pricks him under his crown,
Why his perceptions in wine he drowns?
Who records all his thoughts and sins
And who announces judgement from within?

What makes a tyrant pluck his hair
Which worst of his enemies couldn’t dare?
What compels him to beat his head,
And why does he weep in his bed?

The egoist repents and raves in private,
But in public he wears a different face.
He mocks at all the altruistic moves
And gets stuck in the selfish grooves.

But is it just a few chemicals in the brain
That make one humble and the other vain?
Who dictates the neurons and chooses the genes,
Who makes the atoms react as deemed?

If matter seems to you lifeless mass,
You must revise your physical laws;
Out of the subtle the gross evolves;
All the universe emanates from God.

It’s his own self that man shies to face
When for power and wealth he gets debased.
His self pricks and he fears it more
Than he fears any of his mighty foes.

God sees the truth but waits
For being’s inner self to prevail.
Each man writes his own fate
And is responsible for his state.

The misdeeds of the past pave the way
For miseries of present and the coming day.
Cause and effect are linked to each other;
The deed itself recoils upon the doer.

The witness within fetters the being
And weaves accordingly events and scenes;
None can annul the retribution;
Balance leads to transmigration.

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