All is Eternal and Coeval with the Cosmos

All is Eternal and Coeval with the Cosmos

Can existence investigate its cause and its purpose?
Can any entity be wiser than itself?
Can the creation ask the Creator,
“Why have Thee created me thus?’’
Can empirical knowledge discover
The essence of things ethereal?
Can a being exist beyond its point of cessation?
How should man solve the mysteries
That his mind can’t even conceive?
Despite all the progress man still seems baffled.
It’s not for aesthetic alone that the mantle of God
Is studded with glittering little stars;
Nor it’s merely to avoid a chance clashing
That the galaxies are kept asunder;
Nor the acnes on the face of the earth
Should fill the emotive flesh with despair.
When a nucleus ejects a fragment for balance,
The deluded eye perceives it as wasteful diffusion.
God is the Omnipotent Quark that disseminates;
Nothing flickers outside Him, nor anything terminates.
Who kindles the seed through the dark recesses?
Why the things that pass through senses, get refracted?
Pain and pleasure, vice and virtue, life and death,
Emit varied shades through prismatic intellect;
What in fact, is the “pre-established harmony”,
Seems interaction between the self and the not-self.

Soul radiates and mirrors the whole universe;
And yet without doors and windows shuts up itself.
God fills each monad to its “cluster”,
And still remains eternally Unmanifest.
All is eternal and coeval with the cosmos;
God is the Light of lights and pervades all.
Oh! What a brilliance that flickers through the fog!
To demystify life, how poor a medium words are!
The Unmanifest is the knowing subject in each being;
There’s none beside Him to comprehend Him.
He sustains and He monitors the whole world;
But none can behold the All-beholder.
He unveils the whole scenario quark by quark;
In Him is interwoven the whole universe.
Can the Whole exist without its constituents?
Isn’t He the fine spectacle that never ends?
He pulsates, fluxes and oscillates;
He bangs and exists in a steady state.
There’s nothing strange or paradoxical,
Through evolution, He fulfils His purpose
To penetrate the finitude of things eternal,
Let us be the flute under His celestial fingers.
Let us through selflessness and devotion,
Ascend to the realm of bliss and salvation.

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