The Flux Of Life

The Flux of Life

Life is a continuous process;
Death is a continuous process;
And a thing is never the same
As it was a moment before.
Each entity is a point-instant
With no ‘before’ and no ‘after’;
Permanence is an illusion
Like oneness of the stream,
And oneness of the flame.

Existence is in a state of flux;
Moment throbs through life and death;
And change is a universal fact.
A thing lacks all size and diversity;
Entities emerge and perish in entirety.
Oneness of the things material
Is like the oneness of a pile of grain;
The nucleus of each atom is individual
Which God holds with some invisible chain.

Change is a death every moment,
And change is a birth every moment;
Eternity is just the flux of a moment,
Yet no two moments are the same;
It’s the spectator who projects a flow
In individual pictures of a film show.
It’s not the last blow that fells a tree,
Nor it’s the first that breaks a pitcher,
Cessation is inherent in all matter.

How strange! Everything lacks duration
And everything lacks weight and volume.
What we know is all relative and illusive,
Yet all appears real and solid.
Man strives for the things ephemeral;
No man has ever been immortal,
But now genetic engineers are in a hurry,
And are pushing evoloution onto the verge
For a brave new world to come into being.

If momentariness is the law eternal,
And if change is the truth of life —
From mineral to man, from dark to light —
Then why fear the eternal flux?
Does science desire to replace God?
Does it want to make Homo sapiens immortal
By fusing man and machine, organic and inorganic?
Are the scientists aware of the dangers ahead?
Dragging life until kingdom come! Eh?

If each moment a new entity is born,
Then who relegates to whom the burden of the past —
And why the successor bears the fruit of its predecessor?
There must be some immortal essence
That pulsates and deciphers the neurons of the brain.
God permeates through the whole Universe,
And mirrors Himself through every cell;
He is the Sole Entity throughout the cosmos;
In each wave and each atom He throbs.

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