Journey without Knapsack

Journey without Knapsack

Life and death are complementary to each other.
Death is a sure cure for the incurables of life,
And the mortal extinction
May prove a perpetual vacation.

Freaking around relaxedly and
Enjoying physicality in retrospect is bliss.
Sinking into oblivion of a safari
Without the knapsack is a joy.

To black out and have nothing to figure out
May prove real peace.
It’s better to be in the space
Whistling to no tune than to crush into life.

The heat of fame cools down in the evening,
Leaving behind unpleasant hangover.
Why stop to watch flowers growing in the vicinity?
They will go on blooming as usual.

Silence is the best part of eloquence;
All gifts and garlands wither in time,
And no crown fits the head that lies in the grave.
It’s detachment that unfetters the soul.

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