Time is Sizzling

Time is Sizzling

When genocide is committed and law is hijacked,
It’s time for Nature to frown and operate.
Under the pretext of patriotism or religion,
Rulers have been feeding their cannon.

Saints and scriptures have been dwarfed
By the lure of sex and materialistic onslaught.
Primitive instincts are quick to react
But refined ones take time to assert.

Mother Tincture diluted to a higher potency
Cures well the chronic maladies;
But the Homo sapiens after myriad generations
Have yet to cure their primitive tendencies.

‘Similia simililbus curantur’
But can terror cure terror?
Can fire extinguish fire?
Agreed, diamond cut diamond.

Theories and beliefs have a life-span;
Every era needs a new Prophet
To drive the wheel out of the rut.
Is Time sizzling for a megaburst?

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