Another Angel Falls

Another Angel Falls

I told her about the sun and the stars,
How they were created and set to revolve;
The purpose of colourful days and nights,
Creation of the three kingdoms beside.

She was much pleased but curious more,
Her fair fancy had started to soar;
The colour of curiosity was so deep,
I had won her in a sweep.

The birds were returning to their nests
While I was watching her conical breasts;
With her eyes cast on the earth,
She beseeched, “Then, what happened next?”

“The Mother Earth after having received,
High mountains and beautiful valleys;
Many rivers, lakes and the seas,
Begged God for the Crown of Beauty.

“The Almighty had yet kept His best,
Result of sweet pain, deep in the chest;
Reluctantly, He brought out the jewel,
And eyed it long with a heavy heart.

“As a father gives away his daughter,
God parted with it with eyes watered;
Earth’s lap glowed with its dazzling lustre,
Angels in heaven fretted and grew jealous.

“Heaven was bereft of its unique glory,
Even the abode of God looked hoary;
But Lo! an angel decided to be a man,
To possess this jewel on human land.”

“Did he get it?” asked my love,
“How and where he found that jewel?
Have you seen its radiant glow?
Tell me anon and narrate more.”

I gazed into her dark innocent eyes,
Which looked curious and bright.
I was there under her lids,
My love played on her lips.

I rejoined, “Listen to me, my sweety,
You were that Heavenly Beauty,
Given by God to the Mother Earth,
More than her total gold in worth.

“Look, how you are set into my eyes,
None can snatch from me my sight.
You are that jewel, priceless and bright,
Without you my day would be night.”

From head to toe covered with glow,
My darling, struck with mystic woe,
Threw her arms around my neck,
Sighed, sobbed and wildly wept.

“Oh, my sweet Angel!” she softly murmured,
“You left Heaven to ransack the world,
You’ve found your goal and I’ve too;
I pledge, I’ll live and die for you.”

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