Dear, Let Us Meet through the Winds

Dear, Let Us Meet through the Winds

The miles that separate us are nothing,
The high walls of tradition are something;
The swords that clink are forbidding,
Destined so, dear, let us meet through the winds.

Letters are detected by the jealous world,
Love-song is cut short by the frowning foreheads;
The watchdogs growl at the slightest purr,
Even sighs and sobs are choked at the heart.

But meet we must, Nature is with us,
Sunbeams bathed in your beauty, console me thus;
My fingers playing with the petals feel your pulse,
In the elements, I feel you close to myself.

To me, the sun just scatters your brilliance,
The best in nature reflects your presence;
The light-rays that peep into your eyes,
Intoxicate me through heavenly delight.

My name whispered by you reverberates around,
I catch your message in every sound;
Speak to the wind which you inhale,
My heart receives signals through love-waves.

This torrent originated from your eyes,
That tornado sprang from your choked sighs;
The bursting clouds do tell a tale,
The nightingale sings your morning mail.

Lend your ears to the leaves that rustle,
And decode the purport of what I whisper;
Love the wind that passes through your hair,
And feel it’s my fingers that play there.

Address the Moon your love-complaint,
Its beams will flash me anon your pain;
I kiss your lips by kissing this rose,
Both are of same stuff, Love and Soul.

Expose your bosom to the scanning stars;
My heart is ever tuned to your heart.
To maintain the imperishable link,
Let us have recourse to waves and winds.

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