Infinite Joy of a Finite Moment

Infinite Joy of a Finite Moment

She looked sweet, smart and sparkling
In late thirties, yet claimed to be a virgin.
When I asked why she was single still,
She felt piqued and said, “I hate to be nil.”

“Men and women are complement to each other,
Search for your other half to lead life better;
Adam and Eve must walk hand in hand,
The Paradise lost can thus be regained.”

“I’m in myself whole and complete,
Let me lead a life sans worries;
All the troubles start with marriage
The cure for which only death carries.”

“Marriage is a biological call,
A natural hunger, a safety-valve;
Look for a spouse and enrich the world
With a replica of your matchless charms.”

My sweet and subtle flattery reached deep,
She suppressed the dimple forming on her cheek,
But eyes secretly betrayed the smile
While her fingers fumbled in her blouse.

She took out her wallet and showed to me,
An old well-kept photo, saying nervously:
“Lo ! I reveal to you my shattered past,
Have a look at my wounded heart.”

A bride eyeing shyly her bridegroom,
She was in her teens and in bridal costume;
A heaven of difference, a gap of two decades,
Charming still but par excellence at that stage.

“Who was the fool that left this fairy,
How and why? Do quench my query.”
My straight sympathy made her bold
She heaved a sigh and later quoth:

“Honeymoon disillusioned me of my dreams,
A butterfly was yoked to a bull, so it seemed;
The brute had no sense of grace or beauty,
And since then, I ‘ve been living a divorcee.”

Now her brain couldn’t keep with the heart,
So thoughts were converted into sobs;
Memories bitter and sour rolled down her cheeks,
My eyes couldn’t but reveal wet sympathies.

I wiped her tears while she leaned
Throwing her weight on my knees;
From eyes to thighs I gazed and assessed,
She looked docile and all possessed.

I ran my fingers into her hair
And felt the fire in her flesh;
The restless dove was naturally consoled,
Rejuvenated and happy on the whole.

The storm surging in me had also passed,
Repressed emotions got purged and discharged;
The neglected rose bloomed in an instant,
Ah! the infinite joy of a finite moment!

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