The Invisible Strings

The Invisible Strings

The Power that keeps the earth in its orbit
And makes it tick as per programme
Belongs to the spheres spiritual.
The Milky Way cradles and cuddles the earth
Which in turn, mirrors the same affection to its own offspring.
Each soul is shadowed by a star
All through its earthly journey.
Man though blessed with higher intelligence
Has yet to shape his own destiny.
Each cell that pulsates with life,
Each atom that holds its clan together,
In fact, has its strings somewhere else.
Rain, fire, diseases and droughts,
Man faces volcanoes, tornadoes and earthquakes
And thousand other things that happen to him.
Even his own thoughts, actions and feelings,
His tears overlapping his pseudo-smiles,
His birth and his death just happen to him.

Movements, massacres and maladies,
Kings, rulers, events & accidents,
Things material, ephemeral and circumstances of all hues
Happen to man and he mechanically suffers all.
Neither can he create nor annihilate anything;
Handling available data is no creation, no wisdom.
Can a machine know about itself?
And can it have any free will?
If none, then where lies its responsibility?
Thoughts and things are intertwined throughout the space
And things can’t happen in any other way.
Whatever passes through man’s brain gets refracted,
Myriad are the mind-muddling mysteries.
Man is still in the initial stages of evolution,
On the road of spatial and spiritual exploration.
If permitted, this doubly removed reality
May, one day, be able to peep into
His own origin and his own destiny.

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