Something Works in the Womb

Something Works in the Womb

I love that flower,
I love this leaf,
Something lurks in bower
That also lurks in me.

This weed is not dead,
That rock is not cold;
Something in womb works,
That sustains and supports.

I wonder at this seed,
See, how it grows bold!
Huge tree comes out of it,
To bring in millions more!

Billions of its own kind,
Take birth in its leaves,
All gush from earth blind,
Colours bright and fruit sweet.

Dust of this earth sustains,
Wolves, weeds and stone;
It is the boon, it is the bane,
It can smile and moan.

Fruits take their taste,
Flowers suck their smell;
All things He creates
From this dusty earth.

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