When I turn back the pages of life,
Something golden glitters in my eyes.

Ah! Where is youth, my colourful youth!
In the starry sky my moon-like youth!

I was young and world was gay
When millions bowed in my way.
I frowned and all would fade,
I sang and the earth swayed.

Millions fluttered at my wink,
I blushed and all turned pink.

I smiled for all, wept for none,
World loved me but I loved one.

I loved one and that was me,
All else were at my knee.

Dreams were then in technicolour,
Blissful were those precious hours.

I would refuse to go to heaven,
Were it offered to me then.

But nothing remains of that delight,
Which haunts me now day and night.

Trail in memory those sweet days,
The present is crippled by old age.

Though that love was afflicted by pain,
Yet I remained wild and untamed.

Sweet pain, that pain was sweet,
Let it come again and let me weep.

Even tears would wash away the worries,
As poison cures some chronic disease.

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