New Nest on a New Perch

New Nest on a New Perch

I can’t bear to be trailed behind
Like the dust of fleeting time.
Fly I must with light-speed,
Journey is long and time deceives.

I will soar in the space,
Rest is rust, irritating slow pace.
How long can I lie like stone
With stinking moss overgrown?

If all the world is changeable,
Why this body be stable?
Life does not mean to vegetate,
Success braves storms, gulps not opiate.

Speed I must with speeding time,
Though gather nought and all grind.
Let me rein the surging waves
Than to be dust in a living grave.

Man was not born for defeat,
He was created to tame the seas.
What though in the strife he dies,
Torch lit by him will light the skies.

Body that moves at velocity of soul,
Kindles heavens like a meteor.
The brightness we see in the sky,
Is some mass converted into light.

In energy let my body dissolve,
Nowhere, yet everywhere in cosmos.
Schedule I’ll my journey to stars,
Dynamic Self finds earth small.

New heavens my soul will search,
To make a new nest on a new perch.
I’ll discover new spheres in space,
With life and light they would be graced.

Imperfections I’ll leave behind,
In dark space, light I will find.
If Heaven and the Creator are perfect,
Why can’t His image and why can’t this earth?

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