Kite and the String

Kite and the String

The sun was soft, light was dim,
Sky was clear in the evening.
Kites were high in the blue,
Alluring to sight was the view.

I too came out with my kite,
Wind helped it and it gained height.
It danced at the whims of the wind,
In the club of pale and the pink.

My lids guarded the flirtatious eyes
Which eagerly chased the swaying kite,
As beloved’s eyes chase the lover
Until he is hard to discover.

At times the kite reeled in the air
As we do when fate does not favour.
In spirit the eyes were with the kite,
In body they could never unite.

What the eyes got was hot delight,
Leaving retina in poor plight.
Same joy we get from life,
When body delights and soul dries.

When the struggle was at its height,
The string became hard and tight.
It was tired of the flight
And wished to detach from the strife.

The measured length had been run,
Darkness had devoured the sun.
The allotted height had been attained,
And fate wished to pull the rein.

As I tugged, the string betrayed the kite,
Breaking all its previous ties.
Does our soul not do the same
When it betrays body in life’s game?

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