Power that once flowed from the muzzle of a gun
Now flows from the teats of a goat!
Chinese transgenic goat, Scottish Dolly and
American mouse with an ape gene implant
Are sure signs of an awesome dawn.
As if there were not enough of beastliness in man,
And not enough of vegitativeness in animals,
The genetic engineers are tinkering with the genes
To transplant one kingdom into the other.
The fever of transpharmacopoeia has seized the world.
Soon the bionic and bio-pharms will spawn and spatter;
Cows with womanly breasts and plants with teats,
Men with piggish digestion and pumpkins with beef,
Mewing tigers and roaring homely unicorns
Will graze proudly on this earth horn by horn.
Hail homogeneity! As the bio-reactors breed freakish beasts,
And DNA cocktail is served for unnatural selection,
The gap will end between species to species.
Frankincense is more precious than the faddy ethics;
As lullabies come of age, man may lapse into myth.

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