The Dusky World

The Dusky World

Facts gasp under the cobweb of words,
When we be witty to serve some purpose.

We drag out what is of use in law,
Implicit wins reducing explicit to straw.

Implications are cleverly deduced,
If heart is lost, tongue is used.

Dawn looks dusk if seen with eyes shut,
Truth may be bright, still we have if’s and but’s.

If grey clouds can bedim the bright noon,
Lies can kill conscience and cocoon the shining moon.

Continuous heat can glow the metals dark,
Constant lying makes plausible what is false.

Coloured we see through coloured glasses,
A dream is liberation from prejudices.

The moon when seen through a lover’s eye,
Looks like the visage of some cold bride.

Emotions blur vision making reason flimsy
And falsehood boasts of its easy victory.

Where is courage to unmask Truth’s dazzling face,
Satans are on prowl and Eves yet unsafe.

Were truth as easy as to blow out a candle,
There would be more brightness in this dusky world.

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