The Cyberman

The Cyberman

With the discovery of the top quark,
By growing organs on the inorganic matter,
And by implanting a chip in the nervous system,
Man seems to be determined to dethrone God
From His seat of awe and mystery.
The Silicon Mind gifted with electronic telepathy
Will be able to peep through the pall of Death;
Communicate with the minds preserved by eternity
And converse with the old buddies.
It will read each mind and unravel each mystery.
All thoughts buried deep or floating in the space
Will be the commonwealth of humanity.
Privacy will be pirated for a passing fancy;
Obscenity will flash nude;
The Chip will receive, read and react;
And it will also fight the proxy wars.
Emotions and experiences will be duplicated;
Virtual tours will be made in the mind.

One person will be at several places at one time.
Landscapes with their aromatic symphony
Will always be within the reach of mental signals.
Like the `rishis’ of the past and imaginary heroes of today,
Man will, in astral form, undertake cosmical journeys
And have celestial revelations as and when desired.
The blind will see, the deaf will hear,
And the dumb will chatter, yet humanity will suffer from
Unheard maladies and tragic events.
Good and evil, cause and effect, sin, suffering and destiny,
Role of the Soul in inflating and deflating the clay,
Will have to be defined afresh.
The dawn of the dangerously flamboyant new world is at hand;
Man is closing in upon the missing link
Between the spiritual and the material world;
But then science and religion will have to pal up
To deflect the impending disaster; praise be to God
For allowing His clay to probe into the mystery of the cosmos.

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