Man a Mystery to the Gods

Man a Mystery to the Gods

Science has deprived the Moon
Of all her feminine charms
By exposing her craters,
And comparing them with small-pox.
Beloved is shy of the simile,
Lover fumbles for a new metaphor;
Love seems to have lost its glamour.
Computers compose love-songs,
Eve’s heart is synthetic fibre;
Emotions are genetically engineered,
And by proxy babies are born!
Time is at our threshold
When best of the three worlds
Will be cross-bred,
And synthesized into One Whole!
Lotus growing out of the navel
With wings of a phoenix,
Mermaids of the West
And ‘Narsimhas’ of the East
Will be possible again and more;
Kaleidioscopic range of five elements,
Instantly formed real fantasies,
Human heads growing on trees –
Like Vishwamitra’s queer creation –
Three worlds grafted on one stem,
All interlinked per se!

Dogma and disease will disappear;
Truth won’t be a mirage.
Science will sign our beliefs;
Sheer nature will sustain us.
No crisis of food, nor of space;
Even time will be ample
To live and to disintegrate.
Stars and satellites will be new home;
Physicality will be relinquished
And regained at will.
Matter and energy will be
Instantly interchangeable;
Journey through space
Will be through mind-waves.
Body and soul will act in unison,
Death will have different purport;
Telepathy will bind the Cosmos,
Action will click with the thought!
New Being will combine both the sexes;
Creating millions of his replicas
Out of his own single cell.
And yet no satiation!
Rewinding his past for a replay
And monitoring his future,
Cycling back and forth,
In Time and Space,
Adjusting his pace and shape,
As per his calculated whims,
Conceiving with the Angels,
He will be a mystery to the gods.
Pity that won’t be the end,
But a beginning still!

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