Did I Never Die Before?

Did I Never Die Before?

Blind alley and no escape,
Time has arrived
To part with the precious most;
There is a rift
Between body and the soul.
God is calm, cosmos is quiet,
Nature is singing with the lark;
And heaven having few miracles to perform,
There seems to be no hope!

The countdown has begun,
The soul is scanning its next abode;
Present is crumbling, future, unborn,
Past is cumbersome;
Flower is bereft of its fragrance –
Who bothers for the trash?
Death is closing its jaw,
Bones crunch, heart struggles in vain
For another breath to draw.

The period is ordained from the start;
The whole span shrinks into a dot.
But is death the end,
Or a link in the chain?
Did I never die before?
Where was I, where would I be –
Who knows?
I haven’t said all my goodbyes yet,
A long journey still to traverse ahead.

Millions of births and millions of deaths,
At the back and ahead,
Then why to fear and feel restless?
Life and death both are true;
One is evidence of the other.
Would that I could break the chain
And remain intact for ever!
What for I move on and on
In a circle, perhaps!

Is there any purpose?
Stars spinning in the space,
Soul, with spiritual force, changing forms,
After all, what for so many manifestations?
When will cause cancel the effect?
How strange, eye can’t see itself!
Divinity is latent – I don’t know the purpose,
Nor the source of my origin,
Nor I visualize the goal.

Is the path itself destination?
Do I live here and in this age,
Or is the whole Time my life,
And all universe my dwelling place?
Mystery of life taxes the brain more
Than any other thought.
Verily said, the first and the last pages
of the Book of Existence
Seem to have been lost.

Faith and hope give no solace –
Oh, the dull brain! Oh, the heavy heart!
Now brain under the strain of pain,
Seems to sever ties from the senses,
Blood supply is diminished,
Reflexes are negligible;
Pulse is missing,
Pain itself is numb!
Consciousness trips and hallucinates.

Now I know –
Too much pain is no pain at all;
Poison is churned into nectar.
The weight of the world has already left
And death has lost its terror –
Death, my sweet saviour!
Now no light, no dark,
No friend, no foe,
No joy, no sorrow.

Distinctions are dead!
Have they merged,
Or cancelled each other?
Whatever has happened, I’m relieved.
I sucked the elements
And gained this weight;
Now at one go,
I relinquish the drag,
And soar up to my eternity!

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