Cybernetics of the Soul

Cybernetics of the Soul

Freshness does decay and out of decay freshness sprouts;
The same Law operates through death that operates through life.
Light pre-supposes presence of the dark.
Wrapped up in the ephemeral,
Can one realize the transcendent?
A seed has to perish for a seedling to come out.
Until the reflection merges into the reality,
Supreme beatitude can’t be attained.
Do pain and pleasure lie within the periphery of senses alone,
Or do they persist in the consciousness even after death?
Can consciousness be zeroed,or go beyond, for eternal peace, for ‘Nirvana’?
And isn’t zero just an arbitrary point to measure others?
What appears to be real is in flux. Goal? Blind alley? Who knows?
How could Supreme Intelligance be so indifferent to the final goal?
A painter must have an idea before he starts painting a picture.
Aren’t freaks and regressions part of the universal drama?
And then, how things can evolve without resistance on the road?
We are shuffling with the shadows and vice versa.
Living matter may be designed and destroyed at will,
Evolution may move on an open road or may sprint to smash
And nature may turn against its own offspring,
Yet life will go on blossoming in myriad ways.
Can we decode the memory of a molecule?
Each atom has its past and a mirrored will, the elan vital, to go on.

As long as the Soul has the will,
Cosmos will have room enough for life to sprout and flourish.
But does a cell know the origin of its nucleus?
Can it tell who goads it on or empowers it to replace itself?
There is a mirror against mirror reflecting and replicating One to no end.
Can a centipede explain how it moves on with its hundred legs?
Each entity is dipolar and yet in itself mirrors the whole universe;
Even the inorganic realm reacts subjectively;
Then, does the same Subject permeate All?
Where everything is the Self,
Silence is the only mode of expression.
Only Soul knows the cybernetics of the Soul.

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