Be Equal to the Strife

Be Equal to the Strife

My dear, my sweet child,
While you play outside,
I bid you here goodbye;
My love, my ties end tonight.

I flutter, fall, to fly high,
Your mother weeps by my side;
Warming me with tears futile,
And sobbing into ears that die.

See how the string betrays the kite
While it flies at great height;
Sudden blow has shaken my soul,
Wind is deserting the pibroch.

Every star reflects your face,
I will kiss them all but wait.
Why does reel the whole sky?
Does it mourn while I fly?

My failing brain still recalls,
Your sweet and innocent talks;
I remember the day when you asked,
“Why in evening the sun departs?

“Why does it go and where,
Can’t it stay here forever?
Does it go for taking rest,
Why does it feel so pressed?”

I said, there were other parts
That needed its light and warmth.
Now the same is the case with me,
Other regions too need me.

But I’m happy you don’t know,
Why we die and where we go;
Has our journey any goal,
And who succeeds to reach the shore?

Had you been a bit older,
You would have to be bolder,
To bear this unbearable loss,
Which would give you a great shock.

Now consciousness of my death,
Would be a slow process;
Slow would be your pain,
But unbroken like a chain.

Learn to forget pain of life,
I bless you, be equal to the strife;
Also share with mother your grief,
Grief expressed is grief decreased.

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