Purposeless Purpose

Purposeless Purpose

Fire of life is going to sink,
I grumble not, I regret not;
I have warmed myself enough,
I am ready to pack and depart.

From the rung of a ladder,
Where I presently stand,
Would I move on to the roof,
Or fall on the ground again?

I may strive again to make it afresh,
I may leave the field for someone else;
One circle leads to another circle,
Let God serve His purposeless purpose.

Dad, Show Me God

Dad, Show Me God

Dad, how many gods are in God,
Where do they live and where not?
Is God bigger than the clouds,
Is He everywhere and in our house?

Can He read and write like me,
Or just He scratches like a baby?
Can He do all, can He all see?
Tell me Dad, how many eyes has He?

Does He ask you to go to temple,
And if you don’t, does He punish?
Does He punish like my teacher,
Or is He kind to all of us?

Yester-night I stumbled over a block,
Was it mine or my God’s fault?
Why He puts not in our eyes,
Torch like light to guide our sight?

Why He creates such a dark night,
Why He makes not everything white?
Why He asks not money to grow on trees,
Why He makes not all free of worries?

Why tests are held in the school,
Why some wise and why some fool?
Why can’t we fight with the ghost,
If all are weak then why all boast?

Tell me Dad, where does He live,
I will ask him such simple things;
If you can’t show Him to me,
Let me go to play, don’t hold me.

Quintessence of Art — the Taj

Quintessence of Art — the Taj

Dream of an emperor realized in stone,
In memory of Mumtaj, a time-proof tomb.

Frozen music, a couplet in architecture,
Lover’s nest, a life’s last chapter.

Unkissed bride, marble imbued with love,
Shadow of a dream, moon on the earth.

Lustrous eye under the lid of the sky,
Mirror of love reflecting tears dry.

Telling tales of the dusty past,
Manna dew on Time’s desert vast.

The last picture from a lover’s album,
Anchoring at Jumna the boat of a Seraphim.

Stone saturated with the shy soul of a queen,
Peace’s abode, calm, quiet and serene.

The Dusky World

The Dusky World

Facts gasp under the cobweb of words,
When we be witty to serve some purpose.

We drag out what is of use in law,
Implicit wins reducing explicit to straw.

Implications are cleverly deduced,
If heart is lost, tongue is used.

Dawn looks dusk if seen with eyes shut,
Truth may be bright, still we have if’s and but’s.

If grey clouds can bedim the bright noon,
Lies can kill conscience and cocoon the shining moon.

Continuous heat can glow the metals dark,
Constant lying makes plausible what is false.

Coloured we see through coloured glasses,
A dream is liberation from prejudices.

The moon when seen through a lover’s eye,
Looks like the visage of some cold bride.

Emotions blur vision making reason flimsy
And falsehood boasts of its easy victory.

Where is courage to unmask Truth’s dazzling face,
Satans are on prowl and Eves yet unsafe.

Were truth as easy as to blow out a candle,
There would be more brightness in this dusky world.


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